Why we care

At Hilti, Diversity & Inclusion is crucial for our business – both now and in the future. So we're proud of both our culture and our team. All round the world, we feature in best-employer rankings for creating an award-winning culture: one where all team members are valued and can flourish.

As today's rapidly changing world has diminishing global borders, some of our biggest growth opportunities are in markets where Hilti is less established. As products and services become more varied and complex, we face increasing competition. As a result, Hilti is growing to become a truly international, multifaceted business.


To meet customer needs, we must remain flexible and innovative. We also need to cultivate growth through diverse perspectives, education, work experiences, skills and talents. By focusing on Diversity & Inclusion, Hilti will become an even more rewarding and satisfying workplace.

We've created an innovative working environment where everyone can reach his or her potential and develop further. This helps us attract highly qualified, talented people across the world.

"We must employ a diverse and inclusive workforce. In other words, it requires leveraging diverse thoughts, skills and talents

For this, embracing diversity and inclusion is key for our current and future business and will require ownership from top management. We believe so strongly in the importance and potential of diversity and inclusion we've anchored it in our strategy, Champion 2023."

Marco Meyrat
Chairman of the Hilti Foundation Board

D&I is part of our Corporate Strategy

Diversity & Inclusion is firmly anchored in our Champion 2023 Corporate Strategy. We're determined to create a high-performing, motivated global team. 

We want to be a great employer by:

  • Offering outstanding, long-term career opportunities worldwide
  • Investing in our team members’ personal and professional development
  • Providing competitive rewards based on outstanding performance

The key to a high-performing global team is a diverse and inclusive workforce with equal opportunities.

Our people value Diversity & Inclusion

"I believe that Hilti is a multi cultural company because there are people coming from all over the world, I can listen to people speaking in different languages which is great as we can share our background and experience"

Francesca - Shared Services Advisor - Northern Europe

Sabine - Head of Global Human Resources

"It inspires me that in construction, our products, services and software - big and small - ultimately contribute to creating something that benefits people.

We're all playing a part in it, regardless of gender, nationality, generation and I feel that in our Hilti culture, we all have equal opportunities to contribute and grow!"

Barbara - Member of the Hilti Board of Directors

"The speed of innovation and the attention to the needs of our changing society are the hidden secrets of our sector. Construction offers dynamic careers for both men and women.

Hilti invests heavily in bringing digital innovation to the industry. I wish I had discovered Hilti and the world of construction sooner!"

Dina - Global Head of Industry

"Strong construction means strong economy, and it feels great to contribute to such a valuable sector!

Having worked in Sales, Channels, Marketing, and now leading Hilti industry globally, I am excited to bring more safety in manufacturing facilities, innovative designs in building facades, and energy and efficiency in data centres. This is us, the Hilti team, who make it happen!"

Carla - Member of the Hilti Board of Directors

"Working in the construction industry is an opportunity not only to develop and demonstrate expertise but more importantly to make a positive impact on people's lives, all around the world.

Hilti, with it's cutting-edge technology and caring culture, provides clear added value in the fascinating industry."

What we do

Discover what we do as a business to make Diversity & Inclusion part of our everyday lives.