Transition your military experience into a lasting career

At Hilti, our four core values are: Teamwork, Integrity, Courage and Commitment. Sound familiar? No wonder! — veterans helped us shape them. They are the cornerstones of the Hilti mission.


If you take pride in your work, want to pursue personal development and look for a company that reflects the same values as your military service, Hilti is the place for you.

Come join our multinational team, and let's build your future together. 


Ours is a model of professional consultative selling. We don’t do traditional cold calling. For you this means forging new associations with responsive customers and building relationships with existing ones. Most will already know, trust and want our products. You’ll be demonstrating some of the most pioneering solutions in the industry, while selling our state-of-the-art software along with all the services and after-care that come with the Hilti name.

Some of our best team members join us having never worked in sales before. Nor did they ever picture themselves working in construction. But their energy, courage, sharp thinking and competitive drive make them flourish in this role. We have an excellent mix of people, where success is down to teamwork and ability, no matter what your background.

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Join our engineering team and make a real difference to our customers

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Use your military logistics experience and join us in our logistics centre

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Use your military experience and join our HR department - managing people, recruitment and much more

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Use your military experience and join our marketing department

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"My goal is to impact others"

Throughout my tenure, I have had many excellent managers, and now am fortunate to lead a team of my own. My goal is to impact others by sharing knowledge, mentoring and helping to develop our future leaders.

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"It's nothing short of awesome!"

I've been with the company for 10 years, and have had five promotions. It's nothing short of awesome. Hilti is large enough to advance your career without having to go to a different company. The sky's the limit as long as you stay engaged and open to relocation.

"The core values of the military have been reflected"

Hilti has always had a clear understanding of who and what our company should be for both our customers and our team. Because the core values of the military have been reflected and even formally adopted into the company's culture, it was simple to understand how to be successful here.

"Honestly, every day is a success."

After 7 years in the Army I was looking for something different. It's been an easy transition to Hilti because 75% of my job I already have Army experience, and Hilti trains the rest.

Aligned Values

Hilti and the miltary have aligned values....

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"A seamless transition"

I knew people in the Tulsa area as I was transitioning from the military, and they spoke highly of Hilti's reputation within the community. I kept hearing 'that's a great company to work for. Hilti encourages leadership from all positions and great managers give you the space to do that. And you can always count on the support of your teammates. From your direct team, to cross-functional teams, if you're working hard and committed to the task, the support will be there.

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"Set up for success"

Integrity and courage are actually stated Army values, and the Army is the quintessential team. Hilti's core values are very much what those who have served in the U.S. Army are accustomed to.

"The best decision I ever made"

Teamwork is, of course, all about the team. That's where Hilti shines. If you give it your all, your team will be there for you. And don't limit your options. There are so many resources within the company. From career training classes, to 'riding along' with a teammate to see if the job is right for you, there are many ways you can take control of your career here.

"I love the company, the culture and the opportunities"

In the service your teammates are everything. You are with them non-stop and depend on them. The same is true of Hilti. I rely on my teammates daily to get the job done. So the camaraderie and teamwork (at Hilti) are very similar in my experience.