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Liechtenstein, Schaan

Within your role you support a product related project in our competence area of tribology and in close collaboration with our R&D staff. Tribology is one of Hilti’s key competences to ensure outlasting and outperforming Hilti products. Your role is to investigate sealing systems and to analyze their behavior on specifically designed tribological test equipment. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to contribute with your ideas to our future sealing concepts. Duration: at least 3 months

Intern- IoT Innovation Funnel

Liechtenstein, Schaan

In summary your job is the creation of an innovation pipeline. This will most likely include drafting Milestones, demarcating progress along the pipeline, defining requirements to move from one phase to the next, thereby defining an innovations progress. If accepted your process will be used to evaluate the maturity of innovative ideas within the business area and to prioritize and focus efforts for generating key know-how ahead of our competition. Start date is flexible to the student's availability, duration for at least 3 months

IT Fellowship Program

Switzerland, Buchs

The Hilti Fellowship program was developed jointly by the Hilti Corporation and the University of Liechtenstein. It is a combination of practical training at Hilti and academic learning at the University of Liechtenstein, designed to create the cornerstone for a successful future.

Intern- Development of hardmetal inserts

Liechtenstein, Schaan

WC-Co hardmetal inserts are used for percussive drilling which is a very demanding application with complicated thermal and mechanical loadings, requiring good wear resistance and mechanical and thermal robustness. During production of drill bits, the hardmetal is subjected to various thermal cycles. For further improvements in the drilling performance, Hilti is aiming at developing an in-depth understanding of the effect of the above-mentioned factors on the wear and robustness of hardmetal inserts.

Intern or thesis student- Operational Excellence Diamond Inserts Production

Liechtenstein, Schaan

As an intern in the diamond inserts production department in headquarter in Schaan, Principality of Liechtenstein, your responsibilities will cover supporting the Lean Management on agile solutions for process optimizations as well as focus on operational excellence topics within the context of industry 4.0. Your tasks will be to collect and assess practical use cases for industry 4.0 applications in the plant and drive proactively the implementation phase in the diamond inserts production. Start ideally Feb/March 2019 for 4-6 months

Intern or thesis student – Development of innovative Fastening on Steel Solutions

Liechtenstein, Schaan

Fastening on steel is a big application area of Hilti direct fastening technologies. Steel pins are driven with a tool within milliseconds into steel base material to fix gratings, installation equipment or for the use of electrical bonding and grounding. The products and applications are highly specified and the product performance is proven in various approval documents. To actively drive and form this business area for Hilti, new product ideas are constantly generated and need to be technically evaluated.